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Cats. So much more
than just adorable little
balls of fluff. A cat can
make the perfect addition
to almost any kind of
household. Don't believe
us? Well, here you'll find
out why they are such great
pets, and all sorts of other
things you might need to
know. Let's get started.

Whether your house is a city apartment or a country cottage, a cat can provide your place with the perfect finishing touch, bringing new warmth and vibrancy to every room. The best thing is, cats don't need much to live happily. Give a cat some familiar surroundings, a cosy spot to call their own, and a bit of love, and they'll be completely smitten. This means they are a great choice if you have limited space and lead a busy lifestyle, as they can generally be left alone once they have settled into their new home.

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We think kittens make the
best pets in the world. But
don't just take our word for
it, look at what these kitten
owners say.

This fun little tool is a light-hearted way to see if a
cat’s your purrfect match. It’s a bit like the old
love-testers from back in the day.